About Robert

Robert Heughan is an Intuitive/Balancer, Mystic and Healer born in the Toronto (Canada) area. Robert has studied energy work with the aura and chakras extensively since 1976.

Among his gifts, Robert has intuitive knowledge of the laws of the universe and is a holder or conduit for the UNIVERSAL light/hyrdroacoustic energy/frequency, and works with your soul and oversoul self.

Robert started his interest in esoteric studies and practice at the age of 17, studied with the Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi, then with the Students of Light in Toronto, Canada, the Whispering Song Teaching Lodge and the Emeral Order.

He has studied Shamanic forms of practice and has traveled to many of the power sites of the earth MOTHER, that are inter-dimensional VORTEX. With his keen intuitive abilities, sight and hearing, he will point out valuable insights and help shift your awareness to expand your consciousness, deepen your knowledge, dissolve distortions and blocks in your divine blueprint.

The aura balancing practiced by Robert assists you in attunement to source, the opening of your chakra field, and the release of blocked energy which causes discord in the operation of our hologram and the life force energies coming in from source.

Robert and 7th Ray's goal is to assist you to become a complete conscious being. Become conscious of the energy patterns and cycles you are holding. Become aware of the true power of the “I am consciousness within”. We can code you to shift frequencies and focus yours to the highest purpose. Thus, Heal, Recall, Shift and Grow.

At this time the full soul is attempting to re-manifest in the physical body, as we were on Atlantis.

Roseanne is now offering aromatherapy treatment and massage and reflexology which is a great compliment to the therapy Robert offers. Aromatherapy treats the physical as well as the etheric bodies in atonement to natural flow in the body.