In Geomancing you will learn that currently many areas of the earth are being aligned with ascension earth because of activations of the Krist in various sacred sites and temples that are the divine hosts for the earth; we are at a point of harmonic concordance with the harmonic and cosmic realm of energy and vibration.

Your DNA evolvement will determine the reality you project. As you shift your code back to the divine grace and creation, freedom and healing, you are able to perceive the true living seed of life.

The shift is in progress, the divine plan is being magnified, the divine love is pouring into the matrix, creating the true vibration which will allow us to perceive divine essence. A number of major events have passed to allow for this convergence.

The choice is now ours, to move into and be free of our shadow and experience the full oneness of the divine vibration. Get the assistance for that choice.

Ultimately the choice is yours; many do not believe that but that is the power of the “I am within”; we are created in the image of the divine so we influence strongly the reality we experience.

Geomancing Only $125 per session