Healing Sessions

7th Ray's Healing Sessions involve meditation classes and individual healing sessions. This Meditation Circle focuses on becoming conscious of the energy patterns and cycles you are holding. Become aware of the true power of the “I am within”.

Join us as we explore the inner worlds of light and consciousness. We are blocked by the distortions of those that have hijacked this veca system, which does not allow for the full eternal living life force to ground into the body vehicle, full integration is blocked right at the time of fetal development.

The energies availale now through the Krystal River braid, opening of many temples such as the Halls of Reusha Ta, have started th eKaLA Krysta cycle return to source. The M31 tractor beam is now taking us back, leading us to the divine matrix, Andromeda. We can claim our gift given by source and connect to the infinite and eternity. We can join our adjugate twin in our parallel ecka, the dark matter universe.

Connect with your pre-matter scalar wave form self. Release and enter the Dha-la Luma. Back to source in the KaLA Krysta cycle.

These Healing Sessions are by appointment. The meditation circle is two Tuesday a month, new location to be announced shortly.